Get to know us

We are brothers who have always been inseparable. Born 5 years apart, we always looked out for each other. We learned a lot in our childhood, watching as our parents raised six kids in California on an elementary school teacher’s salary (eventually becoming a Principal).  Yet, we didn’t just survive, we lived a great life. We were given every opportunity to succeed, and most importantly, we were given the freedom to make our own decisions and learn/grow from our mistakes.

Today the family has spread out across the country, but us two brothers have never separated. We have always leaned on each other, been best friends and biggest supporters. Nearly everything we do, we do together, including: high school jobs as pizza delivery drivers, surfing adventures, college, we even lived together when we were still newlyweds (which is not recommended by the way), and now we are both taking on the adventures of parenting.

We have different personalities that you will see throughout this blog, but we have the same goals and the same core values. We believe in the importance of family and deep relationships, knowledge and education, hard work and constant progress, and the freedom that comes from knowing that only we have the ability to make our own success in life!

Every person’s path is unique to them. We are here to cheer you on, and hopefully help you find the same happiness, excitement, and success in your journey that we have found in ours. We truly hope we teach you something along the way that you can pass on to someone else (either through a new understanding of financial principals, or perhaps through stories and lessons learned along the way).

That being said, these are our stories:

Older Brother’s Story – start late, finish strong

I am an IT Strategy Consultant for a Fortune 250 company. In 2016, I received my MBA from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management where I specialized in Strategy, Business Analytics and Technologies. I have been happily married for 10 years, and we have 3 beautiful young children (boy, girl, girl).

My path to Financial Independence is an unconventional one.One full of mistakes (or lessons learned, as I like to call them). They say a smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Hopefully I can help you all be a little wiser. My path started much later than most in the FI community (and a lot later than my younger brother’s). I started at the age of 35 with a negative net worth, but am now on pace to retire comfortable by age 50 – just in time to send our youngest child off to college. I am looking forward to sharing this journey with my brother, and all of you in the FI community.

Younger Brother’s Story – slow and steady

I am a CPA providing tax services to small to mid-sized businesses, and their owners. Early in my career I served clients in the financial services industry. It was during this time that I realized I was much more interested in helping people become wealthy, as opposed to serving those who were already wealthier than I could ever imagine.

During the first six years of my career, I have put my wife through nursing school, had 2 children (girl, boy), and bought a house. In order to accomplish these  on one salary, my wife and I have had to adopt a very frugal life style. This frugal lifestyle has allowed us to build a solid foundation for our financial future.

My goal is to become financially independent before my 40th birthday (currently 30), and retire before my 45th.